Musical sophistication, refined lyrics and an unforgettable voice: Austrian/Spanish/Indonesian Singer & Songwriter Clara Blume lives expression – in her Songwriting as well as her stunning live performances.

Her goal is to unite pop music with interesting stories and to find new unconventional paths of expression. She calls her musical style “Avantgarde Pop" which is characterized by a blend of pop-rock, indie and jazz elements and combines her high artistic standards with catchy melodies that she performs in English and Spanish. Clara is also well known as Circus Directress of her extravagant "The Singer Songwriter Circus" - a traveling concert platform for local musicians. As a dedicated ambassador for Austrian art, she and her Circus have been touring the country for five years, presenting over 400 musicians and upcoming artists, promoting a network of solidarity and raising awareness for the now flourishing Austrian (pop)-music scene. 

Clara’s long awaited Debut Album „Here Comes Everything“ (earcandy recordings) - in collaboration with her brother and producer Georg Blume - was finally released in May 2015 and widely celebrated as a huge success in her home-country Austria. This August she will be touring through the USA solo on the piano.